The Backrooms - Level 0 "The Lobby"

Jan Kejř
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Have you ever wondered, what it feels like to glitch out of reality and find yourself in the Backrooms? I give you a unique opportunity to build a maze so complicated, that those who glitched out will never find the end.
An Environment pack based on a famous creepypasta The Backrooms - Level 0 "The Lobby"

This pack is filled with modular walls, ledges, pillars, three types of ceilings, and a rug. Not to be missed electrical outlet, cables, door frames, and two kinds of emergency doors with handles.

This is stripped version of Unreal Engine Environment Pack only with meshes, textures, images and sounds.

Meshes in FBX format with UVs. Lightmaps or LODs are not included.
4096x4096 Images textures in PNG format.
Sounds in WAV format.

You will get

  • Walls (1m, 2m and 4m)
  • Rug (2m, 0.5m)
  • Ceiling with a large lamp and a small lamp
  • Ledges (3 sizes)
  • Wall ledges (3 sizes)
  • Cables (4 types)
  • Electrical outlet
  • Door frame (Single and double door), with hinges
  • Emergency door (Complete and separate)
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The Backrooms - Level 0 "The Lobby"

0 ratings
I want this!